Big Spring Clean-Up Sat. 9th April

big clean up 2016



Greystones Big Spring Clean-Up.
Greystones Tidy Towns are asking everybody to come on board next Saturday April 9th for the Annual Big Spring Clean – Up. Step outside your front door…how does your garden look? pretty, neat & tidy. Now step outside your front gate…how does the footpath and grass edging look?… are there weeds and litter about?…is the grass overgrown onto the footpath? Have look at outside your elderly neighbours house…does that need a little TLC?…look at the lamp posts, local bins, parking metres etc…is there Graffiti? If you live in an estate…how does the entrance look? All those little things make a big difference to how our town looks and to the value of our property. We would like all residents to look at Greystones and think to themselves, how lucky are we to live in such a beautiful place. We want visitors to admire our town and surrounds and wish they could also live here. If we all work together we can keep Greystones looking like the town that won the Most Liveable Community Award in 2008. Please feel free to join our team meeting at the South Beach car-park by the playground at 10a.m. If you have any questions please text Greystones Tidy Towns on 089 7030413 or contact us via our facebook. . “LET’S WORK TOGETHER”

Watch out WEEDS, GRAFFITI, LITTER here we come.  Contact us if you have any questions or text us on our new phone number  089 7030413footpaths

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