Tree Seed Project

It’s graduation day at the nursery for our final batch of trees from our original Tree Seed Project run in conjunction with Rubalcava Heritage Services and Wicklow County CouncilGreystones Municipal District – Wicklow County Council and supported by Greystones Kilcoole Community Garden.

This is a Climate Action Project which commenced in Autumn 2021 with Wicklow County Council funding and supported by the Environmental Awareness Office.

The purpose of the project is to:

* Raise awareness of our native trees, shrubs and hedgerows

* Train individuals and groups how to grow native trees and shrubs, from locally sourced seed and cuttings

* To improve tree identification skills

* Act on a local level for climate action, biodiversity, pollinators

This mix of native trees will be added to the hedgerow along Mill Lane, opposite the Community Orchard.

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