Three Trouts Stream Habitat Restoration – Native Trees

Sometimes the best way to support nature is “passive restoration”, which essentially means leaving the ecosystem alone so natural processes can take over again. But often in our private gardens and town lands where nature is under pressure, it needs a helping hand. Planting native trees can support local biodiversity including our pollinators, help clean our air, capture CO2 and mitigate flooding.

For our Three Trouts Stream Habitat Restoration event we will be planting the following native trees; Goat Willow, Whitethorn, Hazel, Spindle, Holly, Blackthorn and Guelder Rose.

We will also be carrying out some FreshWater Watch testing, and an invasive species survey and removal on the day.

When: Saturday 3rd February

11.00 – 14.00 Tree Planting & Invasive Species Survey

12.00 FreshWater Watch testing demo

Where: Charlesland Road, Rear of Greystones Golf Centre, 53.1342, -6.05495

Full details on the event here;

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