Lourda Scott nomination for Ocean Hero – Individual of the Year with Clean Coasts Ireland

We were delighted to nominate Cllr Lourda Scott, GTT committee member, for Ocean Hero – Individual of the Year with Clean Coasts Ireland. This award recognises the #CleanCoasts volunteers who who initiate change and inspire others to do more to protect and conserve their coastline in 2023. Clean Coasts’ Individual of the year can be leaders within Clean Coasts groups, leaders in community, individuals who work alone or in small groups and inspire others.

Lourda’s unwavering dedication to coastal conservation and environmental advocacy is nothing short of remarkable. She has been active with Clean Coasts for many years, and leading a group since 2021 when Clean Coasts North Wicklow was established. Covering the beaches from Newcastle, Kilcoole and Greystones Lourda leads the group in a monthly family friendly beach clean on the last Sunday of every month. Providing the equipment, weigh ins, and a very warm welcome and always available for a catch up after the work is done. 

Lourda’s impact extends further as she actively collaborates with our Greystones Tidy Towns committee, fostering alliances between Clean Coasts North Wicklow and Junior Tidy Towns. Together, they participate in significant initiatives like the “Big Beach Clean,” “World Ocean Day” events, National Spring Clean, and the “Big Weigh In” organised by Flossie and the Beach Cleaners. Her relentless efforts are particularly evident in her mission to combat the scourge of cigarette butt pollution along our shorelines. Lourda actively supports Greystones Tidy Towns in installing butt bins and passionately promotes Clean Coasts initiatives such as the “Think Before You Pour” campaign.

From working as a Veterinary Surgeon to now working as our local Councillor, Her mission statement reflects her dedication to our shores; “Protecting our beautiful coastal community and placing consideration of the environment at the heart of decisions made at local level.”

In her role as a Councillor, Lourda tirelessly champions our shorelines, defends the freshwater systems that flow into the sea, and fosters an inclusive and healthy environment for both people and wildlife. She actively works towards implementing accessible boardwalks, ensuring that our entire community can enjoy the beauty of our local beaches.

Beyond her local efforts, Lourda has also lent her support to the Children and Young People’s Assembly on Biodiversity Loss. She passionately advocates for their Calls to Action, including measures to combat overfishing and halt pollution in all our waters.

Lourda’s dedication, vision, and unwavering commitment to our coastal and environmental well-being make her a true Ocean Hero. Her tireless work is an inspiration to us all, and she is most deserving of recognition for her outstanding contributions to our community and the protection of our precious oceanic resources. 

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