Mill Lane hedge

Biodiversity Hedge at Mill Lane-Aldi Wall

We are delighted to see a fantastic turnout to plant nearly 200 hundred trees, hedges, and flowering shrubs. The ground was very rocky but we didn’t let it stop us. We hope that as this hedge grows that the area will see…

  • Less graphitti on the Aldi wall. Thank you native whitethorn and blackthorn.
  • More habitat and green corridors for a wide spectrum of animals
  • More trees and vegitation which just looks well
  • More CO2 capture, fresher air, and better storm water management
  • More pollen, nuts, and other food for our bees, squerrels, butterflies, etc.
  • Impact from the bottom of the food chain to the top
  • More sound mitigation with increased foliage

Thanks to Greystones Municipal District for supporting this activity and for prepping the site for us.

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