2020 Container Garden Competition!

Spruce up your Space!

Play your part in helping our bees, butterflies, etc. by taking part in our new competition!

This competition is aimed at raising awareness of the importance of gardening. Even the smallest space can make a big difference!

The loss of flower-rich habitats has taken its toll on our pollinators and environment. Thoughtful planting can make a world of difference to bees, butterflies, and biodiversity.

Royal Botanic Gardens, Kew

Window boxes, planters, and pots can collectively contribute to a flower-rich environment, both for your own pleasure and for a food source for our pollinators.  Furthermore, small planters and containers are portable, making them an excellent choice for those living in apartments or duplexes. Containers of pocket-sized pollinator magnets brighten doorsteps and offer tenants the chance to experience the sense of wellbeing associated with gardening. 

Container gardening is not just about flowers but can also include a large number of herbs and shrubs.

This competition is open to everyone and will have 4 categories:

  1. Small pot diameter up to 18cm
  2. Medium pot up to 26cm
  3. Large pot over 26cm
  4. Combination… A number of pots based on a theme.

The idea is to plant up your containers with pollinator-friendly plants, bulbs, shrubs, etc.

Don’t worry if you haven’t planted your spring bulbs yet, there is still time! Your local garden centre would be happy to offer advice.


Please fill in the entry form here.

Any queries, please contact greystonestidytowns@gmail.com

The winner of each category will be announced on our Facebook page and website. 


There are a number of sites where you can get hints and advice on what to plant. Here are some examples to help inspire you!

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