Greystones Repair Cafe

In honor of International Repair Day on 19 October Greystones TidyTowns is beginning a community effort to support and host Repair Parties also known as Restart Parties. This community supported activity will be conducted in coordination with The Restart Project and the Open Repair Alliance in an effort to get people to waste less and even save some money in the process.

International Repair Day 2019

Our first event will be held on Sunday, 20 October, 2019 at the Charlesland Community Center, Charlesland, Greystones, Co. Wicklow from 3pm to 5pm. The event is free of charge. If you are are a fixer and want to help please bring your tool bag. We will be focusing on small electronics and devices but also want to encourage people to learn how to sow and mend their clothing and other fixable items. IF you are not sure if your item can be fixed bring it in and we’ll give your our thoughts.

Please keep in mind that this is a fully volunteer and community lead event and that we cannot guarantee we will fix your item but can perhaps help you find a good alternative to throwing something away or having to purchase a new item.

There is new EU legislation coming down the line to ensure that devices and appliance are designed and manufactured so that they can be repaired. The practice of gluing or welding device casing together is an example of something that cannot be reasonable repaired. Often times such appliance can not be repaired and become waste for otherwise fixable damage.

You can read about it at he European Commission’s article on the topic here.